Whether you are a seasoned traveler or you only travel once a year, we all have times when we’ve been packing our carry-on luggage and have felt frustrated by either packing too much or packing too little. We forget something, like our air travel pillow, that feels like it can make or break our air travel experience.

The key to packing a carry-on is to pack enough, but not too much. This seems like an obvious point, but really, actually doing just that is very difficult. Things you need to take into consideration are how long your flight is going to be, what potential problems you could encounter along the way, such as delays, and what you need to have the most comfortable trip possible. Along with these things, you must keep in mind airline rules and regulations regarding luggage size and items you can carry with you on the plane; consider how much you actually want to carry through the airport and squeeze into the overhead or under your seat.

Though this is not an exhaustive list, below are some of the main things that you should highly consider having in your carry on:

Comfort Items

When packing and trying to remember to pack items we wouldn’t normally need, it can be easy to forget the basic items that we usually carry with us in our pockets or purses: chapstick, lotion, eye drops, tissues, etc. Each person’s list of comfort items will be different from another’s: simply think about what you carry with you on a daily basis that you use consistently. Don’t forget to take medications you might need during the flight!


The amount of snacks that you take with you depends on how long you will be flying, what time of day you are flying, and your general snack needs. No matter when you are flying, you should always have at least one snack to hold you over just in case you are met with an unexpected delay or problematic situation. Also, it can be an overall better traveling experience to have a snack to keep your blood sugar and your spirits up.


Though many airlines do serve complimentary drinks, having a bottle of water is another essential item to have with you while you travel to stay hydrated. Hydration will not only keep your body from drying out, you will also avoid feeling as tired and keep your digestive system moving and yourself free from headaches. Buy a bottle of water after you go through security on your way to your gate, and have a means of staying hydrated no matter if your flight attendants can get up to serve you or they are kept in their seat due to turbulence.


As you pack your carry-on and extra bag, don’t forget to bring entertainment, such as a good book, magazine, music, or even a movie. For many of us, it’s easy to over-plan and bring one of each thing to keep us occupied, because we might not know what we will want to do until we actually board. If you are one of these types, choose one thing to read and one other type of entertainment.


If you are going to be on a longer flight or you may have a flight that could possibly be delayed, take an extra set of clothes, and even a set of comfortable clothing just in case you find yourself sleeping at the airport.

Sleeping Comfort

Many pass the time while flying by sleeping. When you are prepared to sleep on a plane, be sure to grab your earplugs. If earplugs are uncomfortable, try baby earplugs: They are smaller and more malleable. You can also bring socks to keep your feet warm, and a blanket. Lastly, you need an air travel pillow with the utmost comfort: You need a Kaz Headrest air travel pillow.

Kaz Headrest Air Travel Pillow

The Kaz Headrest is compact, feather-light, yet sturdy and adjustable for ultimate comfort. It is the only front-facing headrest on the market that truly has all the features that you need in an air travel pillow: It can also function as a laptop and book holder as well, so you can travel in the most comfort possible. Read more about all the possible functions of this versatile air travel pillow and buy your own Kaz Headrest today!

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