Its no surprise to anyone that has ridden on airplane lately, that airlines are packing more and more passengers in tighter spaces. Legroom is being cut and seats have been shrinking. In the 1970s airline seats were 18 inches wide and the reclining pitch was 35 inches. Now the seats are 16 and one half inches wide and the reclining pitch has decreased to 31 inches. This is finally coming to the attention of our legislative representatives. In a recent article on the Huffington Post News Service, the authors blame the lack of competition and the consolidation of the industry as the culprit behind the poor treatment that we are receiving.

“This apparent disregard for customers goes hand in hand with a broader trend in the airline industry toward less competition. In the last decade, the number of big airlines has dropped from nine to four, with the blessing of regulators. If you’re mad about disappearing legroom and want to take your business elsewhere, good luck.”

“The airline industry is hurtling toward monopoly, so there’s not a whole lot of incentive to try to win your business by offering a better product or cheaper prices.”

The following graphic shows exactly what we are facing:


As travelers take advantage of more and more non-stop flight[1] comfort becomes a major factor. On long haul flights over six hours, comfort is the number one concern after flight availability. People are turning to devices like the Kaz Headrest, to rest and relax on their flight.


With the legroom shrinking and the seats getting smaller, passengers are finding it more and more difficult to get comfortable on the flight.

The newly designed Kaz Headrest addresses issues that travelers now face during long flights where it’s hard to get comfortable and seating space is smaller. These improvements include a longer arm for the travel pillow platform so that it extends further for additional resting options. Suction cups have been mounted on the bottom of the headrest plate so that it can be used without the table clamp in tight areas. A swivel arm has replaced the ratchet so that it’s easier to adjust and provides additional positions for resting upright.

Company president, Kaz Jackow stated, “Our goal is to provide business travelers and people using long haul flights with the most comfortable airline travel pillow possible. The latest design innovations make the Kaz Headrest lighter and easier to use. It can now be quickly adjusted to suit each persons resting preferences.”

Kaz Headrest is the world’s first portable, front supporting airline travel pillow. It is fully adjustable, extremely comfortable and can be used in airplanes, hotels, at the office and at home. It comes with an inflatable neck pillow and a handy carrying case. The patented design makes it simple and easy to use.

Check out our video and see how the Kaz Headrest can work for you!

So if you’re tired of trying to get comfortable on your flight, try a Kaz Headrest and travel in comfort.

Kaz Headrest is available on

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