The inspiration for the Kaz Headrest came about when intrepid traveler and inventor, Kaz Jackow, moved to Kailua-Kona Hawaii. Flying back and forth to the mainland from Hawaii usually involves a red eye and a nine-hour flight minimum. Kaz noticed that the optimum restful position (especially when seated in the middle) involved lying face forward on the tray table. Rolling up your jacket or placing a pillow on the tray table made resting while traveling it a little more tolerable, but still wasn’t great for prolonged comfortable resting. Kaz began his search for the best air travel pillow. He thought that a front supported, inflatable travel pillow would provide the most comfortable and restful position possible and the Kaz Headrest was born.

After extensive research, development, CAD drawings, animations and mock-ups, the first all-aluminum proof of concept travel headrest prototype was made. Next, came the manufacturing process, and after many dies and injection moldings later, the form factor prototype of the Kaz Headrest came off the assembly line. User groups tried the Kaz’s air travel pillow prototype and customer experience recommendations were incorporated into our current travel headrest product that is available today!

The Kaz Headrest is designed and engineered to be the best air travel pillow on the market today. We want you to have a better travel experience so you can arrive rested and relaxed for a pleasurable traveling experience. Tune in to our blog or follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest travel tips. Aloha!