Wheelchair Mode

While there are many devices that help people using a wheelchair rest their legs and arms, the headrests on most wheelchairs are primarily back supported. Kaz Headrest provides ergonomic front-supporting capabilities that give wheelchair users a comfortable option that can be adjusted to almost any position. Check out our video for more information.

With a simple adapter, the Kaz Headrest can provide wheelchair users with a supportive way to rest that supports the back, neck and chest. As the population gets older there are more and more people using wheelchairs. Here’s some quick wheelchair facts:

  • There are an estimated 3.3 Million wheelchair users in the United States and the number is increasing every year
  • Demand is increasing due to the large need among the baby boomer generation
  • There are about 2 Million new users every year
  • 1.825 million users are the age 65 or older
  • 17.4% of working-age users have jobs

Wheelchair History

The earliest records of wheeled furniture was an inscription found on a stone slate in China and a child’s bed depicted in a frieze on a Greek vase, both dating back to the 5th century BCE.[1][2] The first records of wheeled seats being used for transporting the disabled date to three centuries later in China; the Chinese used their invented wheelbarrow to move people as well as heavy objects. A distinction between the two functions was not made for another several hundred years, around 525 CE, when images of wheeled chairs made specifically to carry people begin to occur in Chinese art

Wheelchair seating systems are designed to redistribute pressure from areas of the body. A headrest can promote correct posture, prevent deformities, help your breathing. Besides supporting weak neck muscles, a headrest also can be used for positioning throughout the day if your neck becomes fatigued, said Dave Hass, an assistive technology supplier (ATS) at Binson’s Home Health Care Center in Detroit.

With the addition of a crossbar, the Kaz Headrest provides you with a sturdy, comfortable option for resting and relaxing. For more information please go to our Amazon page and scroll down for more images.