Our new blog will provide you with stories and videos that reflect our motto “Travel in Comfort”. A comfortable journey begins with being comfortable on your flight. We believe we have engineered the best airplane headrest and travel pillow in the market today.

As more and more people take advantage of non-stop flights resting on the plane becomes more important. Based on years of research by Boeing it has been determined that “On long haul flights over six hours, comfort is the number one concern after flight availability. Also , seat sizes have been shrinking which makes it harder for people to rest. “Seats were 18 inches wide before airline deregulation in the 1970s and have since been whittled to 16 and a half inches, while seat pitch used to be 35 inches and has decreased to about 31 inches.” As comfort becomes a greater priority it becomes more difficult because you can’t recline as much and the seats are closer together. This is where Kaz Headrest comes in. Watch this short video that shows how we solve this problem,

Kaz Headrest solves one of the most important aspects of travel and helps you arrive rested and relaxed. Business travelers especially look for a higher level of comfort. Don’t let long flights and seat sizes stop you from resting on the plane. Get a Kaz Headrest airline travel pillow and transform your traveling experience. Visit our Amazon page and see how you can Travel in Comfort on your next flight.



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