What do you need in a travel headrest and an airplane sleeping pillow? A better question is, “what can you have in an airline travel pillow? There are a lot of airline travel pillows on the market, and some even sold at the airport so that even if you forgot your trusty airplane sleeping pillow, you can still catch a few “zzz’s” before you reach your destination. But, as seen in the comparison, none of our competitors’ pillows for airplane travel can stack up against all the benefits of the Kaz Headrest:

Neck Pillow
The Kaz Headrest is also a neck pillow that provides the most ergonomic rest positions, so you can rest and wake feeling refreshed instead of sore and, even worse, with a crick or pinched nerve in your neck. Travel and the commitments that come with it can be stressful enough; why make it more uncomfortable?

Plush Washable Cover
One of the biggest carriers of bacteria and other free-radicals is a travel pillow. Not only does your pillow collect face oil, sometimes saliva, and tears from sleep, but because of the nature of travel, it can collect other germs; who wants a dirty pillow?. This is another perk of buying a Kaz Headrest! It’s cover is washable! This way, you can have clean surface to rest your head on and, because the pillow isn’t thrown into the wash, you don’t have to weigh the consequences of washing your pillow, versus it retaining its shape.

The Kaz Headrest air travel pillow is inflatable which provides several benefits: You can adjust the pillow to what is most comfortable for you and it makes transporting your travel headrest easy. Cleaning care is made easy because you are just washing the cover, versus the entire pillow.

One of the key pros to buying a Kaz Travel Headrest is it is absolutely adjustable for what you need. The Kaz airplane sleeping pillow not only has an adjustable platform, but it can also easily be adjusted for the best comfort for your head, neck, and back. Because of this absolute adjustability, the Kaz Travel Headrest fits anyone, no matter height, size, or resting position preference.

What really sets the Kaz Travel Headrest apart is that it is front-facing. Very few other airplane sleeping pillows on the market offer this option, and there is hardly any makeshift “pillow” that really is comfortable for prolonged resting on a flight.

Multi-Purpose and Versatile
Also because the Kaz air travel pillow is front facing, it provides the most ergonomic rest for airplane travel, for rest at work, for a head or neck massage, for rest and relaxation in a wheelchair, and even for retinal surgery recovery. It also can function as a laptop or tablet stand! When you buy a Kaz Travel Headrest, you are buying a high-quality air travel pillow that can be used for a variety of purposes and every day of the year!

When you invest in a Kaz Travel Headrest, you are not only investing in your health for better and ergonomic rest, but your investment will be long-lasting, which is another reason to choose the Kaz Headrest. It will withstand the stresses of use, as well as, the stress of travel. With the Kaz Travel Headrest’s high-impact frame, you will be able to enjoy your airplane sleeping pillow for many years to come.

Lightweight and Compact
In addition to your Kaz Headrest being sturdy, it is also lightweight, making it the best travel companion. Gone are the days of lugging a heavy and bulky pillow through airport security. The Kaz Travel Headrest won’t weigh you down, making air travel even more frustrating. As you can see, everything about the Kaz Headrest is made for convenience.

Secures to Table
One of the worst aspects of sleeping while traveling is having one’s pillow move and causing your rest to be disrupted. Because the Kaz Travel Pillow secures to the table, it won’t move around, so you can get the most rest. Are you self-conscious about disturbing your neighbor and have trouble relaxing? The Kaz will stay in place and help you rest at ease.

The Kaz air travel pillow is lightweight, compact, and comes with it’s own carrying case, making it the most portable travel headrest and travel pillow. Which, if you think about it, should be one of the most important factors of a travel pillow.

Carrying case
Each Kaz Headrest comes with it’s own carrying case making transportation easy, which is what we are all looking for: Travel made easier.

With all these features, the Kaz Travel Headrest out-shines all it’s competitors as a air travel pillow: adjustable in every way, easy to use and transport, and with multiple uses. Get your Kaz Headrest today, and start enjoying rest like you’ve never had before. Questions? Contact us!