The Best Airplane Headrest!


This is the story of the best airplane headrest in the market today. My name is Kaz Jackow and I am living the American Dream. My wife and I immigrated to the United States from Poland quite some time ago and now I am a naturalized citizen living in Kailua Kona Hawaii. By trade, I am an engineer and inventor and spent many years in Michigan building companies that provided spare parts to the auto industry. After too many Michigan winters, we decided to move to warmer climes and settled in beautiful Kailua Kona.

You probably won’t believe this, but living in Paradise has its drawbacks. To get anywhere, you have to fly for at least 8 – 9 hours. Many of our friends and family still live on the mainland. With business trips, weddings, reunions and grandchildren, we find that we travel back to the mainland quite a bit. Throw in a visit to the parents in Europe every few years and . . . you see what I mean. I was traveling on long flights all the time and I was super uncomfortable. I just couldn’t rest or relax on the plane. I knew that a lot of people had the same problem, because I kept seeing people trying to get comfortable with no success.

Being an inventor, my first reaction is, “how do I solve this problem?” I observed people trying to sleep on the plane and saw that many people tried to sleep face-forward on the seat tray. I tried it and, even with a pillow and a folded up jacket, I still couldn’t sleep very well. I like the neck pillow, but sleeping on my back was uncomfortable and the airplane seats ahhh . . . don’t get me started. So, I came up with the vision of a front supporting airline travel pillow using an independent headrest.

Designing The Airplane Headrest

Believe me, coming up with the idea for the airplane headrest and making it a reality are world’s apart. It took a lot of trial and error and many “back to the drawing board” moments. One of my main objectives was to come up with a design that had the adjustability to fit all types of body sizes and sleeping preferences. Our air travel pillow had to provide as many options as possible so that people could adjust it to their individual preferences and comfort levels, which can change during the flight. It had to be easy to use and stable. The original prototype used ratchets which were phased out in favor of a simpler adjusting arm.

My experience in factory production came in handy as I worked to fine tune the Kaz Headrest into the best air travel pillow that I could design.  I know this sounds funny, but I was inspired by the “Transformers” that my children played with. I realized that I had to make something very strong that folded up into a small unit, was light, and could easily fit into a compact carrying case.

Although not as complicated as a Transformer, the Kaz Headrest expands into the only front supported, airline travel pillow in the world.

We invite you to transform the way you rest, relax and sleep while flying with our revolutionary airline travel pillow: Experience a new dimension in air travel. Try the first truly new and innovative technology to hit the travel goods industry in years. Start arriving rested and relaxed for a change. Head over to Amazon and pick up your Kaz Headrest today!



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